iPhone 15 Pro Max sold out in Shanghai store in first week of launch, even Musk wants to buy one despite mocking the iPhone 15 Series

This year, the iPhone 15 Pro Max version with the highest positioning is more popular than the standard version because it has many exclusive features. During the first weekend of the official launch of the iPhone 15 series, reporters found that only one or two stores in Shanghai had a small amount of iPhone 15 Pro, while Pro Max was out of stock in all stores.

The Pro version is slightly better. The reporter purchased the iPhone 15 Pro blue titanium 256GB version online at around 5 pm on the 24th, and it was shown that same-day pick-up was available at the Shanghai Huanmao and Nanjing East Road stores.

As for the iPhone 15 Pro Max blue titanium 256GB model, all retail stores in Shanghai indicate that it is temporarily unavailable for pickup. Other colors of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are also out of stock.

If you choose door-to-door delivery in Shanghai, if you order the iPhone 15 Pro Max today, you will have to wait until early November at the earliest for delivery; if you order the iPhone 15 Pro today, you will receive it as early as October 25.

According to a latest report released by Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo on Saturday, based on telephoto camera module order data, the largest bottleneck in the supply chain, iPhone 15 Pro Max orders this year have been raised to 35 million units (compared to last year’s shipments of 14 Pro Max (28 million units, a year-on-year increase of 25%), which is the biggest driving force for iPhone business growth in the fourth quarter.

Ming-Chi Kuo is optimistic about Apple's future quarterly results. He predicts that shipments of the iPhone 15 series are expected to reach 80 million units, with an obvious growth trend. By comparison, last year’s iPhone 14 series shipped 76 million units.

Despite mocking the iPhone 15 Series, Musk still wants to buy iPhone 15 Pro

Not long ago, the news that Musk mocked the new iPhone 15 series caused heated discussion on the Internet. Recently, Musk suddenly changed his mind, saying that the iPhone 15's camera effects are amazing and he also wants to buy one.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted a message over the weekend, praising Apple's new iPhone 15 for its amazing photography, and left a message under Apple CEO Tim Cook's post saying "I want to buy one." Cook posted on Saturday, sharing some photos taken with the iPhone 15 Pro Max by famous photographers Stephen Wilkes and Reuben Wu. Later, when Cook shared news about Apple's latest product lineup, including the iPhone 15 series, Apple Watch and the latest AirPods, Musk responded: "I'm going to buy one!"

Previously, Musk mocked a wave of iPhone 15 in a post on Sexual things." Before Apple's autumn conference, Musk also mocked Apple in advance, saying that the iPhone has no new ideas, "I don't know what the difference is between my current iPhone and the previous version. Is the camera 10% better?"

In addition to Musk, Luo Yonghao also criticized the iPhone 15 series in a recent video. He said that Apple has "almost zero contribution" to mankind in the field of pure technology. In the field of pure technology, it has not invented anything, but is a solution integrator.


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