Tormented Souls II is confirmed for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC

Caroline Walker has been missing, but not for long. Dual Effect has confirmed a sequel to the supernatural adventurer's saga by announcing Tormented Souls II for PS5 , Xbox Series and PC. According to the publisher PQube, the launch forecast is for 2024.

This time, Walker's mission will be even more important. His sister, Anna, ended up being infected by a mysterious disease that no conventional medicine can cure. To save her, she must take some risks involving forbidden and ancient rituals.

sequel to the award-winning survival horror classic. After the incident at Wildberger Hospital, Caroline yearns for a normal life. However, fate has other plans and her sister, Anna, is the victim of a mysterious illness. Conventional remedies prove useless as Anna constantly loses consciousness, only waking up and coughing up drops of blood. With nowhere else to go, Caroline looks to the supernatural and an ancient, forbidden ritual.

Tormented Souls II will be set in Puerto Miller:

With a focus on solving puzzles and searching for clues scattered throughout the scenario, the gameplay of Tormented Souls II will be set in Puerto Miller. Somehow, the Ismuit tribe, who founded the region, might help Caroline find a cure for Anna.


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