Samsung Rumored To Release It's Own “ChatGPT” Generative AI To Improve Work Efficiency

According to the Korean media "Korea Daily", the technology giant Samsung has confirmed that it will reveal the latest generative AI technology at the Real Summit 2023 event held on September 12. The technology is widely believed to have similar functionality to ChatGPT.

In response to the eager anticipation of all parties, Samsung will not only introduce to the media in attendance, but also publicly demonstrate this amazing technology to the public and customers.

The company hopes that through this demonstration, it can show the outside world its innovative ability and determination in the field of AI.

This AI technology called "Simply Chat" is currently mainly used to serve Samsung's internal employees. This AI technology has successfully provided internal employees with functions such as automatically improving programming codes, intelligently composing emails, and recording document summaries to improve employees' daily work efficiency.

However, "Korea Daily" also mentioned that Samsung has no immediate plans to bring this technology to the market or public use. Instead, the generative AI is now in internal hermetic testing.

According to internal sources, Samsung is likely to start further testing the function of optimizing programming code in October. If all goes well, this powerful AI tool is expected to be fully available by late 2023 or early 2024.

In addition, it is worth noting that the "Korea Daily" report also mentioned that Samsung may have registered the trademark "Simply Chat" for this generative AI technology.

In fact, the company filed a corresponding trademark application with the Korea Intellectual Property Information Service (KIPRIS) earlier this month, which means that Samsung has very high expectations for this technology.



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