iOS 17 Beta Reveals That iPhone 15 Pro Button Will Have An Action Button

According to hints from the iOS 17 beta, the iPhone 15 Pro will have a new “action button.” Apple is expected to announce the launch of iPhone 15 next month. Regarding the appearance of the Pro, there are rumors that a new "operation button" will replace the traditional silent switch button.

Although previous versions of iOS 17 have quietly revealed this button, the current beta version has revealed more clues that Apple has the opportunity to switch to a new action button.

In iOS 17 hints iOS 17 beta 7 adds a new haptic reward mode for users to enable or disable silent mode. The new mode will cause the phone to vibrate more noticeably when the user switches modes, which should be quite useful for new phones with operation buttons.

In previous iOS versions, there was only a quick tactile reward when the iPhone entered silent mode, but never when disabling silent mode. While the new haptic rewards are available on all iPhone models when silent mode is on, the haptic rewards for switching to normal mode are not.

However, 9to5Mac successfully simulated the new tactile mode when turning off silent mode. When using the traditional silent switch button, users can instantly see from the body whether the phone is currently in silent mode. But if it does replace it, tactile feedback will help users indicate which mode the phone is in when the button is pressed.

Additionally, in a code snippet discovered by MacRumors, the new button that replaces the mute switch will have a ton of options for assigning clicks. For example, users will have the option to replace the action of enabling or disabling silent mode with a Siri shortcut, or the option to turn on the camera, turn on the flashlight, turn on focus mode, or record a voice memo.

There may also be a new button for Silent Mode in the new iPhone's Control Center, and it wouldn't be surprising if Apple adds an indicator to the status bar to show when the phone is on silent.

In addition to the new action button, the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to have a new design with a titanium frame and thinner edges around the display. Internally, it will be equipped with a higher-performance A17 chip and use USB-C instead of Lightning for the first time.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max (or iPhone 15 Ultra) is rumored to have a telescopic lens with better optical zoom. All rumors about the iPhone 15 Pro are waiting to be revealed one by one at Apple's press conference.


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