Google CEO Revealed The Scary Dark Side Of AI With Just One Sentence

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G(caps)oogle CEO Sundar Pichai recently said in an interview with CBS about the potential and risks of AI: "I always think of AI as the most quintessential technology that humanity has ever developed. It's more quintessential than fire or electricity or anything we've done in the past."

Fire and Electricity Comparison With AI

However, Mr. Pichai made us understand that fire and electricity are the best innovations discovered by humans which changed the world drastically. Hence comparing them with AI as another big invention in human race.

He further stretched saying that fire and electricity have brought a great value to our lives, but simultaneously, they are also the two most dangerous and destructive forces in the world if left unchecked. And of course, the both can harm everything it touches.

Meanwhile, AI could also follow the same footsteps in today's technology. Hence, it will allow computers to do things they couldn't do before, and also help users do things they couldn't before in many ways.

Possible Dangers Human Race Could Face

According to Google CEO, AI technology also has potential dangers in it. When he was asked about the downsides of AI technology, Mr. Pichai worried about this technology and said: "I think the downside is that, at some point, humanity will lose control of the technology. technology they are developing."

This one sentence of Mr. Pichai speaks a lot about AI. If something he fears happens – like when a fire or a giant lightning bolt occurs – AI could have similarly devastating effects. This doesn't necessarily mean rebellious computers or robots, as is often the case in sci-fi movies.

Most ominously, humanity still knows very little about the consequences of their "loss of control over the technology they are developing." Until now, our understanding is still too little about the downsides of AI technology. We still don't know exactly what happens when it gets out of hand.

Curtail The Dangers

Mr. Pichai further added that "the urgent thing now is to research and implement it in a way that can be profitable. But at the same time, it can also have disastrous consequences if not implemented properly. And we don't have all the answers yet. The technology is advancing very rapidly. Is this it? make me nervous at night? Sure it is."

The lesson here is that things designed to help and entertain us can as well turn to a weapon against humans. So is technology. They can make people's lives easier in a variety of ways – but they also have the potential to harm us – often in ways we wouldn't expect.

In summary, the benefits AI technology brings can be enormous and as well change many activities in our society. But at the same time, the risks it brings are still unclear and could also completely change the society as we know it. Therefore, Mr. Pichai's reminder of the dangers of this technology is completely worth our consideration.



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